Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Quick Little Update :)

I am learning rather quickly that this is gonna be one heck of a journey; but I am also learning rather quickly that there is so much good along with it ... the "good" being the "love" that so many wonderful people have surrounded us with. I am actually sitting here shaking my head in total disbelief as so much love continues to come our way each and every day. I feel certain that I will remain in awe all the days of my life; and without a doubt, I will be forever grateful for everyone's love and prayers :) You are truly the "sunshine" admist the "dark clouds !" You are truly the "strength" that God has given us!!! You are truly "wonderful!!!" You are the kind of people that God intended for us all to be!!! You are loved by me and Gene more than you'll ever know :)

I look so forward to the day when we get back to the real subject of this Blog ... that being "Quilting in Davie :)" It's been quite a while since I lifted a needle, but I hope to rectify that in the very near future :) I must remember that it is what keeps me sane, so I am vowing to return to doing what I love so much in the very near future.

In the meantime, I'm still talking "Cancer," cuz it has a tendency to consume your life. I think the thing that is effecting me the most is the number of people who face this evil Disease each and every day!!! My heart aches for each and everyone of them and for all of those they love. I pray that cancer patients everywhere are surrounded with the love we are surrounded with cuz it truly warms your heart and makes such a tremendous difference :)

I went to see my sweet, wonderful Dr. Levy on Monday; and I was sooooooooo excited cuz Natalie (his wonderful Office Gal) told me he was gonna remove these nasty drains!!! I'll admit, the thought of pulling 'em out had me shaking in my boots; but I was soooooooo willing to endure that misery just to be free from them. Unfortunately, those mean little creatures are still in cuz they're entirely too active still!!!!!!!!!! I'm hoping they slow down soon cuz they are very close to getting on my last nerve (LOL).

He also wanted to remove every other staple, which also was making me a bit nervous; but that didn't happen either cuz I went and got some sort of infection ... fever, achy all over kind of stuff, so basically I arrived home in the same shape I left in (LOL) with the addition of antibiotics, which don't seem to be working just yet.

The biggest news is the initial Pathology Report, which states: "Metastatic Carcinoma Involving Three of Six Lymph Nodes." Not the bestest news and not what we wanted to hear, but it is what it is, so now we just deal with it accordingly ... it definitely could have been much worse :) He'll be referring me to an Oncologists in the very near future (after the remainder of Patholgy is back); and I just pray, pray, pray that the Oncologists is as wonderful as Dr. Levy is :)

Well, that about catches us up :) Until next time, wishing each and everyone many blessings :)

"May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy
Spirit be with you all." (2 Corinthians 13:14)

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Please forgive me for taking so long to say "thank you" for all the love, prayers and kindness that you have sent our way. I am so far behind in visiting everyone's Blogs ... behind in answering e-mails ... behind in just about everything actually; but my heart has felt so much love from so many and I will be forever grateful for that :)

Things have been moving at the "speed of lightening" and my mind can't seem to keep up!!! My body is lagging behind somewhat as well and I haven't a clue where all the days have gone. A monsterous "whirlwind" to say the least ... medical test after medical test; and I am sooooooooo not a "medical person!" Heck, I don't even like to drive by a Doctor's office ... they all give me the "heebie jeebies!!!" I don't have much choice in the matter right now though, so I'm trying really hard to do what I have to do.

The "Nuclear Breast Scan" showed "multiple tumors" ... 5 to 6 of 'em; but fortunately, they were all clustered fairly close together, so Dr. Levy, who continues to be absolutely wonderful, still wanted to try the "lumpectomy," which was done on Wednesday. Other scans showed "enhancement of the axillary nodes," so I knew going into the surgery that an "axillary dissection" was a possibility. He did a procedure before surgery to locate the "sentinel node" so he could remove it in the OR; and OMG I wouldn't wish that procedure on my worse enemy!!! I shall spare you the gory details (LOL). He then removed the "sentinel node" and it was tested by an on site Pathologist. It unfortunately came back positive, so the "axillary dissection" did take place. I had already read enough to know that it wouldn't be pleasant; and boy oh boy, "not pleasant" is an understatement!!!

We are currently sitting on pins and needles waiting on the Pathology Report of those axillary nodes cuz it will be a biggie in determining what's next. We're also quite anxious to know if he was able to get "clear margins." The good news on that front is he really thinks he did :)

Once they got the pain under control, the day of surgery was definitely the best so far cuz I was flying high in the sky from all the meds; and I was actually enjoying myself ... so much so, my Dear Sister told me to quit laughing ... she was afraid I was gonna bust open my stitches (LOL). I don't think she needs to worry about that now though cuz the last couple of days have proven to be a bit on the difficult side. I know that's to be expected, but I am soooooooooo ready to get to the other side :) I want to get back to taking care of my honey, playing with our sweetie pie Dolly and "queeelting!!!!" The chores ... well not so much (LOL).

Hopefully I'll be back soon with some good news from the Pathology Report ... until then, please know that all of you have filled my heart with an abundance of sunshine!!!!!! Wishing many blessings for you all :)

"Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you." (1 Peter 5:7)

Friday, July 9, 2010


And ain't it the truth on that "it's always something!!!" I imagine it's a statement that's been spoken millions of times through the years and it's also the title to "Gilda Radner's" book. Have y'all read it??? I highly recommend it but then again I'm a real sucker for "true" stories and true movies. Knowing that "it's real life" makes it very appealing to me.

It's been a couple of weeks since I've Blogged ... been experiencing some of those "it's always something" days, which has been occupying my mind entirely too much; and it unfortunately, will probably continue to do so unless I can manage to bring the thought process under control. I don't normally spend too much time discussing personal matters here in Blogville. I'm kind of an "introvert" where those issues are concerned ... the way things have been going over the past few years though, I think it's quite possible I could write a book now!!!!!!!

The most recent "Oh Lawdy Daisy, it's always something" is a diagnosis ... a diagnosis of Breast Cancer for yours truly ... "Invasive Lobular Carcinoma" to be exact on the left side. I never dreamed I would be inducted into the "Pink Ribbon Hall of Fame;" but it appears that I've joined the thousands and thousands of wonderful, brave, courageous women across the world who have or who are currently enduring the stress, anxiety, worry and discomfort from this disease. A mind boggling issue for sure!!!!

It all started with an "OMG, what in the heck is that!!!!" It's not a lump persay ... more like a solid, thick, heavy mass that was causing some discomfort ... sharp pains and burning, not to mention the fact that it felt like all of my weight had landed in that exact spot. The silly thing felt like it weighed a ton!!! Fortunately, I had the presciption for my mammogram in my purse, so I went ahead and scheduled the appointment. When I received the call from my Doctor saying that there was a "new asymetrical nodular density," I wasn't one bit surprised. What did surpise me was the fact that he wanted me to get an MRI. My first thought was "what about an ultrasound???" "Why are we jumping to the MRI so quickly???;" but being the good girl that I sometimes am, I went forward with the MRI without asking too many questions. When those results came back, my heart began to sink a bit. Without going into all the specifics, it indicated the possibility of cancer and that a biopsy should be done.

Well, my GYN referred me to a Breast Specialists ... Dr. Mitchell Levy, who is an absolute total sweetheart!!!!!!! I don't think I've met a nicer Doctor; and believe you me, between our Daughter's illness and now my Husband's, I've met a lot of them through the years!!!!! Micki had one in Miami and one in TN that come awful close, but currently this kind man is at the top of the list :) He did an Ultrasound on my first visit and scheduled a stereoactic biopsy. OMG, just the thoughts of that came close to putting me 6 feet under!!!! I am the world's biggest whimp where medical issues are concerned ... Micki and Gene are the one's in our family with all the courage in that area, and a lot more areas as far as that goes.

The Biopsy was Wednesday; and once I found out that they had yet to have any "Biopsy Fatalities," I put my big girl panties on and said "OK, let's do it!!!!" Even though they wern't what we wanted to hear, the results came back in just a little over 24 hours, which was a blessing cuz the "waiting" was starting to lean towards the "brutal" side!

I have done an awful lot of research on the subject over the last few weeks cuz my gut feeling was "something is wrong," so when I heard Dr. Levy say "I'm sorry, the news is not good," I was ready to fire away with a million questions; but then he went and threw me for a loop by saying it was a totally different cancer than what I had been researching!!! The MRI had mentioned the possibility of "DCIS," which is "Ductal Carcinoma In Suta," so that's what I had been reading about. I was somewhat dismayed to find out that it wasn't that afterall, so back to square one on the research.

He said that I was more than welcome to come to his office yesterday afternoon so we could sit and talk for awhile, which is exactly what I decided to do. The game plan is for a "Metastatic Scan" on Tuesday. He also wants a full body PetScan and hopes to get it scheduled for the same day. God willing our Insurance will approve that. Then I go to my Cardiologists next week to get my release for surgery, which reminds me I still need to call him!!!!!! Lastly, we'll do a lumpectomy the following Wednesday. He will try to get it all at that time, but his main goal will be to get more samples for the Pathlogists, along with the sentinel node for biopsy. They cannot determine what Stage the Disease is until all of this has been done. After all of that, they will determine whether more surgery, chemo and or radiation is needed. God willing, nothing else will be required after the initial surgery :) Now wouldn't that be nice!!!!!!!

Well, there you have it ... a glimpse into our current "It's always something!!!" Gene and I are extremely grateful for all the prayers that we know will be going up :) May God Bless us all!!!!

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go." (Joshua l:9)