Sunday, October 3, 2010


Awwwwww, "friendship!" One of our greatest gifts in life, and would you look at these beautiful faces!!!!

This picture was taken this week where all these lovely ladies gathered in NC on the beautiful Lake Logan for four days of "queelting, laughing, talking, eating, drinking and all the other good things that happen when a fabulous group of gals come together :)" It was my intention to join them this year, but it just wasn't meant to be. They've already booked for the next three years; and God willing, I'll be joining them then :) It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to:

Bottom Row Left to Right: Mary from FL, Patricia from CO, Annie from MD, Jan from OK, Eileen from MD and Shirley from IN :)

Top Row Left to Right: Meddy from NY, Meg from IA, Mary Lynn from TN, Patricia from GA, Vicki from OK, Debbie from NC, Barbara from MA and Janet from PA :)

In The Back: Ann from TN :)

..... and wearing their wonderful shirts for yours truly :) How can I ever thank them!!!!!!!!! I just love them each and everyone to pieces :)

This next photo is a gathering of some very dear friends from my youth :) They are all still located in TN, and they gathered one evening in my honor ... I had no idea they were doing it at the time cuz they wanted to surprise me with the pictures :)

Once again, with great pleasure, please meet from left to right:

Jenny, Laine, Pam, Meg, Janie, Tissie, Tony, Pat, Allison and Elaine :) OMG, when I saw this picture, I was touched beyond words!!!!!!!! Soooooooo many years have passed since I last saw these beautiful souls, but because of Facebook, we have all come back together again; and would you look at the wonderful T-shirt they signed and sent :)

It was actually "hand delivered" by Elaine, pictured below :) She was down in my neck of the woods for her birth of her new twin grandchildren ... one healthy, adorable little girl; and one healthy, adorable little boy :) It was such a joy seeing her!!!!!

In talking about "friendship," there's no way I could not include this beautiful lady. Please meet Diane. She holds a very special place in our hearts. She worked for us for several years until recently. The economy has taken such a terrible toll on our business, that we had to let her go. It broke my heart ... it broke Gene's heart ... literally!!!!!! She has so many problems in her own world, but that has never stopped her from reaching out to others in such a loving way; and she has been a Godsend to us through out this cancer journey. She has driven me countless times to Doctor appointments ... she's cleaned our house, bathed Dolly Darlene and soooooooooooo much more!!! She is one of the angels walking amongst us and I love her dearly :)

All these beautiful people have helped me more than they could possibly ever know ... their love, support and prayers has been a blessing and a gift that words simply cannot describe. I will be forever grateful to each and everyone of them :) So if any of you are reading, thank you ... from the bottom of my heart, thank you ... may all the goodness tht you've given Gene and I come back to you threefold!!!! God Bless you all :)

"Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." (John 15:13)