Wednesday, May 26, 2010


And the culprit for all my slowness is still that silly 'ole Achilles Tendon! Unfortunately, I failed the "cam walker" a/k/a "the big black boot from hell," terribly and am now saddled with this!

Yeap, that silly Doctor decided on a hard cast, which has proven to be shere misery. At least with the boot, I could cheat and take it off ... which was probably the problem (LOL). My color choices were "black, pink or blue;" and I obviously went with the later. Did you know that casts are extremely slippery??? That's what the tech told me, so I just had to see if he was correct; and I'm here to tell ya he was! I could very easily skate on any hard surface, so to avoid having to wear the little shoe that comes with it all the time, I decided to put on a hospital sock :) Cut the toes out and it works like a charm :) The good news is I'm one third of the way done ... one week down and only two to go :)

Now for Dolly Darlene in her cute purple bow :)

Oh I know I'm terribly prejudice, but isn't she just the cutest!!!!!!!! Wishing everyone a blessed Holiday weekend :) With a little luck, I'll actually have something "quilty" to show when it's done.

"Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me, for in you my soul takes refuge. I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed. " (Psalms 57:1)


  1. Bless you with a cast on with hot weather! At least you will have it off before long.
    Dolly Darlene is just the cutest in her car seat with her purple bow (Amber's favoite color).
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Oh I'm sorry Jan about your foot problem. Since I've been out of it I didn't know. Hopefully the next 2 weeks will pass fast! I had a broken left wrist once, and that was no fun. I had to wear the cast for 10 weeks and it took about 6 months to get my movement back. The reason I broke it was my daughter and big dog was on the floor and I tripped over them. My dog knew to move but my daughter didn't so I landed backwards on my wrist trying to catch my fall. Really dumb!

    I just think Little Miss Darlene Dolly is the cutest!!! You can be proud of her! :) I love the car seat!

  3. Ewww...what a horrible thing to deal with at this time of the year! I hope it does come off soon. Dolly is so adorable!

  4. OH your poor tootsie!!! Good idea re: the non skid sock! (Can I ship Kid #1 down to you .... he's also on crutches since this past Sunday due to twisting his knee and tearing a few ligaments while jumping his bike in a dirtbike race ..... and this is just the beginning of his summer break from college ..... and of course now he's BORED !!!)

    ANYHOW ..... that is the CUTEST little pooch !

    Take care and have a nice weekend!

  5. OUCH*!!!! That looks VERY uncomfy*! Well, you're just gonna have to learn to dance with a boot* (GRIN) OHhhhhh I gotta tell you, you're sweet little baby sitting up there like a big girl in her car seat and bow in her hair is TOO cute*!!!!! What a little doll*!

    ((Hugs)) _Ashley*

  6. Groaning here for you! I did not know casts could slide on floors. I can see you trying to be careful not to fall. Wishing you a healthy, complete and speedy recovery. Groaning.