Sunday, November 21, 2010


Oh my, I've been MIA for over a month!!! I continue to be so amazed at how time flies by so quickly and I'm having a hard time comprehending that the year will soon be over. I am literally aging as I speak!!!

It's been a tough month treatment wise; but because of the love of some very dear friends, I was blessed with one beautiful afternoon ... a few hours of blissful normalcy and it was absolutely and unequivacably wonderful!!!! It was also a total and complete "surprise :)"

On Friday a few weeks ago I got a call from my friend's Daughter-in-Law ... the lovely young gal who brought us a wonderful meal a while back; and she said she had something for me and asked if she could stop by the next day. I was thrilled to be getting some company, so I gussied up as much as this 'ole body can gussy up and sat anxiously awaiting her and her little girl's arrival. Imagine my surprise when I saw 3 cars pull in the driveway and saw 4 of my dear friends get out!!!!!!!!! Gail from Eustis, FL ... Mary from Cocoa Beach ... Polly from MD and Sue from NY. Carol and her little girl, Sadie, were with them as well :) I simply could not believe my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!! After a lot of hugs and kisses, they kidnapped me and we headed over to the Beach for some lunch at Aruba's.

Pictured above is all of us except Carol and Sadie ... from left to right, it's Gail, Mary, Polly and Sue with me lazily sitting; and in front of us is the quilt that they presented me with!!!! OMG, it is gorgeous and there was also a little one that matched for Dolly Darlene :) It was made by 38 of the most wonderful women you could ever meet and it brightened my world more than they could ever possibly imagine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The quilts even came with their own "tote bag," which was beautifully made by my friend, Janet, out in CA.

Ohhhhh and Carol did what she said she was gonna do on Friday ... she brought me something; and it was this adorable pumpkin that she made out of a piece of "dryer hose venting." Isn't that ingenius!!!!!!!!!!

As far as the treatments go, yes it's true ..................................

..................... but all the love that continues to come our way certainly helps tremendously; and for that, I am ever so grateful :) May God Bless all these lovely ladies for brightening my world so immensely :)

On the medical front, I am happy to report that I made it through the first cocktail of drugs; and I was so happy, I considered dancing in the streets. I did have to have a "needle biopsy" a few weeks ago; but by the Grace of God, it came back negative :) I've been having a lot of problems with this shunt that is in my head; and the powers to be have come to the conclusion that it's "over shunting," so on Tuesday, I head back down to Miami to have it tied off. If that doesn't work, they will insert a new one with a programmable valve. I wasn't overly thrilled about having it done the week of Thanksgiving cuz Aunt Margaret is coming down; but Dr. T (Oncologists) felt it was important to get it done before we start the new trial drug (Ixempra) on the 29th.

I hope to one day soon get back into my normal routine of visiting all my favorite Blogs and I so appreciate all the love that y'all have sent my way through out this little battle I've been in. Wishing you all a very Blessed Thanksgiving :)

"Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; His love endures forever." (Psalm 107:1)


  1. You are a truly blessed.... Fran and Carla keep me posted on your treatments.... please know that you are in my thoughts as well.


  2. Jan - It sounds like a wonderful surprise. I have been keeping you in my prayers.


  3. What a beautiful quilt for a beautiful lady! This post warms my heart :) I wish you a Blessed Thanksgiving.

  4. PHEW !!!! SO glad to see you back here in Blogland !!! (I kept checking and when I didn't see anything for such a long time I was worried about you !!!). AND .... OH WOW !!! What BEAUTIFUL quilts and tote and bunch of pals !!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Thanksgiving !!!!!

  5. Hi! Jan, so happy to hear from you! Hope this finds you feeling better! That quilt is gorgeous! wow~ those are sweet friends, and that little pumkin is so cute, never seen one made out of that! Very creative. Hope you have a wonderful week, let us hear from you just as soon as you are up to it! Lets kick off the Holiday Season together! Warm Hugs and Prayers:)

  6. How sweet. Loved the post. you continue to amaze and inspire me. You just keep on going. That is what it is all about.

  7. Hope to hear from you again and always glad when that's NOT where I work ;) - but it's great to see you here, and here is a link to my quilts as promised.

    Rob Roy RN

  8. What a beautiful display of friendship and you, my dear, look simply mah-va-lous !! Xoxo