Wednesday, September 22, 2010


And that particular "he" would be my honey ... the wonderful man I fell in love with a life time ago :) After we received the good news on the spinal cord fluid last week, he came out dressed and ready to go somewhere. Many of you know that he suffers from "severe multilevel spinal stenosis," so this is not a sight you see often in our home cuz "going somewhere" doesn't come easily for him. Well, that's when he announced he was going to get his hair cut! He hasn't driven in quite some time now, so I said "I can't drive you today." He said "I know, I'm gonna drive myself." Well, I normally would have fussed about that; but since I didn't have a whole heck of alot of energy to fuss, I let him go cuz I thought he was just trying to do something to make his Bride happy cuz as you can see, it had been quite some time since he felt like going out for a hair cut!!! We were getting very close to "pony tail" status with a Santa Claus beard.

Well that dear sweet man not only got his hair cut ... he had it all removed so we would be "twins!!!!" I had absolutely no idea whatsoever those were his intentions and was quite emotional and elated to say the least when I realized that's what they were!!! He looks pretty dern handsome, dontcha think!!!!

Because of a language barrier, he said he had a hard time explaining to the Barber what he wanted; and in doing so, the gentleman in the chair next to him heard the entire conversation. Well, when Gene got up to the Counter to pay, the lady informed him that it had already been taken care of by another customer!!!! The gentlemen sitting next to him paid for the hair cut and asked the lady to tell Gene that he would be praying for him and his wife. Shere, absolute and total proof that there is still very much goodness in this World :) The priceless moments in our lives continue to mount :)
Thank you my love!!!!!!!! My heart is with you every moment of every day and has been for over 35 years :) Love you most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"For this Reason, a man will leave his Father and Mother and be united to his wife and the two will become one flesh." (Mathew l9:5)


  1. I think he's a keeper Jan. You both are! We're so lucky to have our dear sweet boys! Tell him I said he looks very handsome and send big warm hugs to both of you! I'm gonna go hug my honey now...

  2. Hi! Jan, hope this finds you feeling better! and hubby looks like he is doing good! I'm thankful for the one that paid for him! That was a sweet blessing! Have a great evening!

  3. Jan,
    What a sweet story! You have a sweetheart of a husband indeed :)
    There are still wonderful people in this world .. how kind for the man to pay!

  4. Jan,
    I'm writing this comment with tears...what a sweet and loving story to share with us all. Your marriage is a blessing. My husband was my rock when the waters of the journey were a little rough. It sounds as if yours will be a rock for you too. By the end of chemo, I actually could say "bald is beautiful!"...sometimes we aren't given any choice but to embrace. (but I will share with you that I had a very big tantrum the day I had my hair cut...I knew God was with me, but I just couldn't understand. I still don't understand why all the pain and hurts of life, but I can 100% say, God met me at every step.) Prayers and hugs, K.
    PS. I used a lint roller for awhile as a hairbrush...picked up the strays wonderfully.

  5. WHAT A SWEETHEART !!!! I wanna kiss his shiny bald head !!!!!!

  6. WOW-Uncle Gene you made both Jordan and I tear up... And Jordan was at work - LOL!!! Aunt Jana, you could not have a better man there with you right now! Thinking about you every day! Love you guys!

    Kelly, Jordan and Isla

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