Saturday, September 11, 2010


I've always liked that saying ... well, I didn't like the fact that they had a problem and I've often wondered what the problem actually was; but it does go along with so many things in life, dontcha think!!!

Ya see, it appears that I have a "Brain Tumor" of all things. Talk about bad timing; but it is what it is what it is!!!! At least we now know why I've been having all these extra problems ... bad vision for about 6 weeks, getting weaker every day, getting dizzier by the minute and headaches that without a doubt are straight from hell. I just couldn't phathom that this was all from the Breast Cancer ... it just didn't make sense; and now we know ... it's from that nasty tumor in my brain :( I think it's safe to say that I don't like that thing!!!!!

We just found out this morning actually and it was a bit of a shock. They wanted me to check into the hospital to remain under observation over the weekend; but I gotta tell ya, I'd rather eat a green fly and managed to convince Dr. T (Oncologists) that my honey could observe me and I'd be a heck of a lot more comfy here at home :) She called me in some meds that will hopefully reduce the swelling in the brain. She will go by the Hospital Monday morning and pick up the actual films, which is how she likes to see things; and then I will meet her at her Office at 9:00 a.m. She has spoken to two Neuro Surgeons who she highly recommends and it sounds like they might all agree that it will be better to do Radiation to try to shrink the tumor before considering any surgery, which is AOK with me :)

At this point, she does not even think that it's related to the Breast Cancer; and they don't even know if we're dealing with a malignancy or a benign tumor. I'm hanging my hopeful hat on the "benign peg." Eight years ago, both of my ovaries were covered with monsterous masses ... all of which was benign, so I'm thinking we could be blessed once again :) I did ask her if my life was in danger and she said "yes it was." Now that I think about it, it probably wasn't a smart question cuz a brain tumor would have a tendency to put your life in danger, dontcha think!!!!!

Lawdy daisy, just a few short months ago I thought I was healthy as a horse; and now look at me. We truly do not know what tomorrow will bring so I say "enjoy each day and graciously accept it for the wonderful gift it is; and speaking of gifts, would you look at what my friends sent me!!!

Not just one, but 2 of 'em, which I wore to my first chemo ... well I actually only wore of 'em, but you probably knew that (LOL). Now the nicest and most loving part of this story is that all these friends also ordered one for themselves and those beautiful women wore them on the day of my first treatment as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know there were over 60 shirts ordered, so can you imagine!!!!! These wonderful friends are located all across the Country too ... the same group of friends that made those 3 gorgeous quilts for us in Micki's memory. Our group has grown since then and we meet daily on-line. I've had the wonderful pleasure of meeting quite a few of them in person through the years and I cannot tell you how much I love each and everyone of 'em :)

In closing, I humbly ask all of you for your prayers and I thank you for all the ones that you've already sent up on our behalf :) I also thank you for your lovely comments :) God Bless :)

"I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death." (Phillippians3:10)


  1. We never know when life will throw you for a curve. One minute life seems to be ok and in just a matter of hours our lives change drastically.
    Praying that the brain tumor is benign. Praying for you! Hang in there :)

  2. Jan,
    When you hit a bump in the road, you sure hit a big one. I am so sorry that this is just one more thing that is challenging you on this road. We will join you with praying that all is B9! Urgghhhh....even though we haven't ever met, I sure would like to give you a long distant hug! (so pretend I have really long arms and catch a hug from a sister.)
    Prayers, k.
    Ps. love the tshirt! I am going on the hunt to find one and when I wear it, I will be reminded to keep you in prayer!

    The greatest thing I have learned from the never ending cancer journey is that God truly does have you in His arms. He is already waiting in the doctors office and is directing the plans for you. It is hard to not have a bit of fear, anxiety. I started carrying around scripture cards and when the fear threatened to overcome me, I would just start reading a card. (I love to read, but had a hard time with chemo in the concentration department, so I found one scripture at a time is about all I could handle.)

  3. Sending my love to the "Can DO Woman"!
    Brain tumors "stink" (if it does not knock out your smelling - lol (one cancer survivor to another). Today you lifted the fog and shared some sunshine with us - your loving friends. You are a gift each and every day. When my fears overcome the sunshine and try to drag me into the dark I hold on tight to His hand and start counting my blessings. They are there (the blessings) on matter what path I find myself on. I pray for your peace of mind on this latest turn on the rocky road called life.


  4. I hope you feel the love that surrounds you, dearest Jan.



  5. Dear Jan & Mr Gene,
    Hugs and more BIG Hugs and Prayers are going your way as you go over this bump in the road. Know that I think of you each day and you always cheer me up with your "words of wisdom"

  6. Oh! Jan, I am so sorry:(, to read this news, But I will still testify that Our God is bigger than this additional problem. Keep Trusting and Believing in Our Healing God! I live those Shirts!!

  7. Jan,
    I don't know you, but I feel your strength and your strength surely comes from Jesus who understands suffering better than any of us humans. Turn it all towards heaven..God is the blessed controller of all things in our life.
    Sending hugs and prayers for strength, courage and complete healing.
    Love and peace through Jesus,

  8. Carla told me about this yesterday over lunch and also broke the news to Fran who hadn't seen your post on the thread yet.

    Hugs and prayers to you hon..... know that we are thinking of you in PA.

  9. OH Jan .... I'm so sorry to hear this ....I'll be thinking of you and praying for you ....stay strong and hang in there!!!!!!!
    HUGS, HUGS, HUGS !!!!!!

  10. Precious Jan,

    Sending you love and lifting you up in prayer: that your heart and mind may be guarded by the peace of God which passes all understanding, that you would be filled with hope by the One who knows the thoughts He thinks towards you and has everything in His control, and that as you come boldly before His throne with this new problem, you would find rest, mercy, and grace to help in your time of need.

    You are and will be continually in my prayers.


  11. Hey Jan! I jumped over from Nana's Nuggets and want you to know that I'm praying for you right now and adding you to my prayer journal, Sister!!


    Blessings and Hugs!

  12. Jan - I am glad they figured out what it was. I will keep praying for you and a full recovery. What a wonderful group of friends you have.

  13. Jan I am praying for you and all of the people taking care of you. Keep the faith!!
    Big BIG hugs!

  14. You're so strong Jan. You're in my prayers.