Wednesday, September 29, 2010


And that "most wonderful surprise visit" was from my Sister, Pam!!! She flew in from IN last Wednesday so she could go to Chemo #2 with me; and there's no way ... I mean it's impossible ... to tell y'all how wonderful it was to have her here. I'm telling ya that the Good Lord put her here in Davie at the most absolute perfect time!!! Her presence warmed my heart and kept a smile on my face :) Mr. Gene, of course, enjoyed seeing her as well :)

I gotta tell ya that she is absolutely gorgeous too!!! She's 2 years older than me, but she looks 10 years younger; and that not's an easy thing for a "little sister" to admit too (LOL). Anyway, this is the one and only picture I got of her while she was here ... she's on the left and my wonderful, life saving Sister-in-Law, Betsy is on the right, who I'm sure you will agree is also gorgeous :)

I was so happy that they met cuz they sure spent a lot of time on the phone together during the whole "brain thingie."

Betsy hand delivered some delicious homemade lasagna on that day, some homemade turkey soup and the most absolutely awesome "Scrapbook of Love and Support," which I will share in another post. You'll need to have your tissue ready when I get that one done :)

Round #2 of chemo was last Thursday and it took a whopping 5 hours. They were overloaded with gals fighting this wicked disease ... I've had the pleasure of sitting and visiting with some of the most precious souls you'd ever wanna meet during my last 2 treatments; and they truly try to accomodate the patient's family. In spite of the overload, they allowed Pam to stay with me the entire time. My chemo Nurse, Kathy, who is an angel here on Earth, just works her way around the "visiting folks" with a smile on her face :) Such a blessing!!!!

Pam got to stay till Sunday morning, so we had lots of time for visiting afterwards; and she took such good care of me!!!!!!!!!! She fixed us 2 delicious meals (chicken and rice ... tenderloin, mashed taters, green beans and fried apples), did the grocery shopping, drove me on some errands, took me back to Dr. T's office for that "dreaded N" shot and took me to pick out some scarves for this bald head of mine. Unfortunately, everyone in Davie was out shopping that day, so we were back home quite quickly. The economy is awful down here in FL, but I swear, you would think things were booming based on the crowds that were out.

Now for the bestest news ... she says she'll be back; and I am already looking sooooooooooo forward to it :)

On the medical front, it's probably safe to say that chemo kicked my butt the 2nd time around. It's strange really cuz it seems like it puts you on a roller coaster ride heading only downwards. It starts out really slow and then "wham bam," you're going at the speed of lightening. At least that's the way my body feels. The main issue I think would have to go to fatigue ... OMG, I've never been sooooooo tired in my whole life. That probably wouldn't be so much of an issue if it hadn't been for the steroids for the "brain swelling" trying it's dangest to counteract it all, so rest hasn't come easy. The "plumbing" seems to wanna shut down completely too (so sorry for that visual); and a couple of days ago, I started getting some pretty uncomfortable sores in my mouth ... way deep inside near my throat ... "Rootbeer Floats" help (LOL). The nausea has been much, much better than Round #1. They think that was due to the brain tumor. I did have to pull out my Compazine Script yesterday; but that's OK cuz that stuff really does work :) I'm also having a lot of discomfort in my knees, legs and hips, which I believe is from the "N" shot (can't remember the whole name) that they give you the 2nd day to build back up your white blood cells.

I went down to Miami for my follow up visit with the "amazing" Dr. Wolf on Monday (thank you Paul for driving me!!!!); and I have to say it was the strangest Doctor's visit I've ever been to. He walked in, asked how I was feeling, took the staples out (ouch) and then sat down to look at my chart. He was not a happy camper cuz his girls had not ordered a CT Scan, so within a matter of just a few moments, I was whisked off to that machine and back in seeing him. He walked in, said the "ventricles" (whatever the heck they are) looked good, that I could stop taking the medicine straight from hell (thank you Jesus), not to get my head wet till the next day and that he'd see me in 3 weeks for a MRI and visit. He proceeded to stand up, took my hand and said "take care sweetie." (LOL) His front desk couldn't get the MRI coordinated with him "being in the building" until November 3rd, which was AOK with me :)

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit. Sure hope all is well with all of you and we continue to thank you for your love, support and prayers :)

"And now these three remain: faith, hoPe and love, but the greatest of these is love." (1 Corinthians 13:13)


  1. Thanks for keeping us posted Jan. I'm sure the computer is not your favorite place right now.

  2. Jan,
    How delightful to have your sister visit. It really is the simple things in the journey that make it so much easier to endure. Just a couple of things: Mouth sores--has anyone told you about Biotine mouthwash and toothpaste?--I used both twice a day--lifesaver for me. Chemo messed up my insides, so I found Miralex a lifesaver--just a small amount in juice every day. For some reason chemo made my bottom a bit sore so I found great delight in the flushable wipes. I also used simple nasal saline spray twice a day to keep the lining of my nose moist--and it must have worked, as I wasn't sick one day during chemo (except from chemo...and I worked full time with a kids at home.)
    I don't want to sound like a know it all--just wanted to offer a few tips that helped me.

    Please know that we continue to pray for you!

  3. Jan,
    Good to hear the update! What a wonderful surprise to have your sister visit you! You truly do have angels on this Earth with your family and friends.
    Now that you have made me hungry with the mention of all the food :)
    Bless You! Take care and please keep us updated! You are in my thoughts and prayers!
    Big Hugs,

  4. Hi! Jan, it is so good to hear from you! and those ladies are beautiful! I am Thanking God for the visit from your Sis! I know that was good medicine! and your SIL sounds like she is a God-Send! Praying for you still; and may the God of Peace Rule in your Heart minute by minute! Have a great Thursday:)

  5. Still praying for you as you go through all this, and I am so glad for the love and support you've got there, with your dear visitors ....and the story of your husband and his haircut is the sweetest thing I've ever heard. Take care.

  6. Jan--I don't believe I have your personal email and I am running out the door to work, so didn't take the time to look--sorry. Biotin can be found at Walmart, pharmacy, etc...both the toothpaste and mouthwash. I tend to get mouth sores real easy when not going through chemo, so I was real worried about this side effect. With using these both twice a day, I didn't have one mouth sore and my dentist was very impressed with the condition of my teeth, mouth, etc after treatment. (at least someone was happy.)

    Blessings you today...praying for a burst of energy for you and that you can see some sunshine :)

  7. Good Morning Jan, I want to Thank You for the sweet coment that you left me! You know this is just what our God is all about and that is just to Love One Another! and I as well Thank God for letting me cross your Bloggy Path! My prayer through my Blog is to first Glorify My Savior in all that I say!,and second of all I find it amazing to get to connect with girls that just like me; to share our ups/downs with each other! I am a strong Believer that we need each other! To God Be The Glory! Have Another Blesssed Day and may God be Glorified in everything! LOLL:)-(lots of love and laughter!)

  8. i know little angels will continue to bless your life. love you !! lizzie and lulu